Fundraising Q&A

We make Grandma’s Style Bakery Pizzas, otherwise known as Authentico Square Pizza™.

See our “Shop our Pizzas” section for prices.

Our fundraising staff will help you harness your membership to make the most money you can. Our co-founder and president Kevin will assist fundraisers with out-of-the-box, original ideas and contests that will generate sales.

We are able to offer a deep discount because your group will be ordering a quantity of pizza. That allows us to work on a much lower margin. And we hope to have a lot of repeat business from your group.

Our recipe hails from Sicily and is over 100 years old. It includes many nutritious ingredients, including tomatoes, olive oil, grande cheese, and milled flour.

The quality of our pizza is superb. Authentico pizza is made the old-fashioned way with recipes from the old country. Our pizza is made slow, retarding the dough and using old world practices and recipes. When you bite into our pizza, you will feel like you’re in Nonna’s kitchen (if you have an Italian grandmother).

Absolutely not. Everything we do is transparent and honest. There are absolutely no upfront costs to run a fundraiser with us.

Just fill out the form on the bottom of our “Fundraising Info” page.

A fundraiser lasts anywhere from 3 to 4 weeks. During that time, you will give all of the members of your team a link and coupon code. The link will take them to a page to order their pizza and other Authentico food. They will be able to pay right online in our store.

After all of the money is collected, the pizza will be delivered within three or four weeks. We will contact you with a delivery date. A truck will come to your location and unload the pizzas. During that day, it’s important you have a few volunteers to help sort out the orders and hand them to the purchasers. This is usually the funnest part because the community comes together and picks up their pizzas. This usually happens in a 2 hour window.

No problem. We ship all over the country for a fee. (standard shipping rates apply)

Yes. We wouldn’t make it any other way.

We love to work with schools, sports teams, church groups, firemen, police, hospitals, and any other group trying to raise money for a good cause.

Certainly, but it will cost you more. Still, it’s well worth it and comparable to what you would spend at any old-school pizzeria.

Absolutely! Visit a Spring Mill Bakery Maryland location and you will see Authentico Pizza being proudly served. You will also be able to order Authentica Square Pizza™ on Doordash and Uber eats soon!

About three months. But we bet it won’t last that long!

Have you ever been to a great Italian restaurant and said, “I wish I could make pasta like this at home”? Now you can! Slow-dried artisan pasta the way they make it in Italy has a much better texture and taste.

Yes! We use a handful of real cream! Plus, we mix in delicious imported Italian cheeses. In Italy, creamy marinara is the go-to sauce when Nonnas want their grandchildren to eat. Everyone loves creamy marinara, from foodies to picky eaters!

Rice Krispy Creations™
All Rice Krispy Creations will be sent to your organization for distribution 3 to 4 weeks after you order. Please note, all of our Rice Krispy Creations are handmade.

At this time, we can only sell them in predetermined bundles of eight.

Charm City Butter Fudgetop Cookies™
Charm City Butter
Fudgetop Cookies™
Fundraising Q&A
All Charm City Fudgetops will be sent your organization for distribution 3 to 4 weeks after you order. Please note, all of our fudgetops are handmade.

You bet. Everything is the real thing including the vanilla! Taste the difference.

Authentico Presents™ Viva la Dough Cookie Dough
Authentico Presents™ Viva la
Dough Cookie Dough

Unlike our other Authentico Gourmet food products, the cookie dough is shipped directly to your house! You will receive it in 7 to 8 business days after you order!

Yes, our no-bake drop cookie is nothing but delicious peanut butter, chocolate and oatmeal all in one! It’s vegan and gluten free.